April Showers…Bring May Flowers!



Its officially Spring in the Valley!! Flowers are blooming all over, new leaves are breaking through the soil and bursting off of branches! Who can’t be inspired and affected by it all?  🙂

Check out these 12x12s and 20x20s at Sonia’s Shop STASH downtown. Take a peek in the store window, you’ll see her store is in bloom too!

Already can’t wait to continue with these bright lovely textural pieces!

Whats next? The Rhodies, Camelias, Tulips? Whats your favorite flower?

4 thoughts on “April Showers…Bring May Flowers!

  1. Love these giant looking flowers. They look fun to paint. I love tulips, actually all flowers really. And I especially love Ranunculus..I was to work in a farm growing/taking care of them.


    1. Thank you Orly! The fun part about painting these was to get the feel in with as little detail as possible and get them BRIGHT! 😀 Yes! Rannuculus are fun, so are tulips! It must have been a great place to work.


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