Palette LOVE! Site!

I wanted to share this amazing site I found:

Color is so important in making your vision come alive. I usually make swatches by hand, scratching out squares of color with colored pencils, and I still do! But the program makes it so instantaneous!

This site is great if you are trying to work out color combinations for your next project. It also spurs new color ideas very quickly with just the click of the mouse. I love it too, because you can save all your combinations for later inspiration.

Hope to see you on there! My screen name is rachieu, see you in ColorLovers land!

4 thoughts on “Palette LOVE! Site!

    1. OH, love your blog! Colourlovers site is just awesome for what it can do and how it can inspire.
      Thanks for visiting.


  1. I found your buisness card on the sidewalk in Corvallis Central park. I was intrigued by the smaller size, you are and artist and you are on wordpress. Three of half a zillion things I am also intreasted in. Thanks for sharing your work.


    1. Hi Jedi Jack,

      Thanks for visiting my blog. One always wonders where business cards go! WordPress has a ton of possibilities. Looking forward to seeing your blog progress.


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