She had a Bone to Pick With Them

Several months back I was asked to participate in a local community project, The She Project. Its a wonderfully inclusive and creative project and you can find details here.

All participants were given a short sentence or prompt, and given two hours to create a response. There were no strict rules execpt that it had to be 8×10. How wonderfully free!

The quote I was given was “She had a Bone to Pick with Them”

My friend and I got together in my garage studio, put on good music and went to work!

Below was my submission.


The show was really awesome, with a vast array of responses, through imagery, 3-D work and more. It was all so amazing to look at.

Here are a few photos from the show, I only took a few shots, but I could have taken a photo of each of them, they were each so unique!

Would love to hear your thoughts!

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