Spread – 003 A Family Tree of Sorts

Printed Family photos, Acrylic Paints & Ink

This is a family tree of sorts, from both sides of my family.  This tree has so many many more branches to fill in, each with their own stories. I wonder if I extended the roots down or out, where they would go, and who would I meet?  I wonder about my roots, even the nearest branches are still a mystery to me. For now, details are cloudy and silent images remain. I hope to fill in this tree and give voices to the photos.

How do you celebrate your family tree?  Send me a link and let me know how you save your history and create your own family tree.

5 thoughts on “Spread – 003 A Family Tree of Sorts

  1. Rachel, I love this spread. They layers, the colors, the images, the hand. Wonderful. I started a journal I call “History With Family” Makes me want to pick it up again and get to work.


    1. Thank you! That’s a fantastic idea!! I was wondering how to build upon this theme. I was thinking a HUGE wall size spread and filling it in, but one journal dedicated to this theme sounds wonderful!! Have you posted some pages? I’d love to see them. Yes, please pick it up again! 😀


  2. I have lots of data relating to my family tree but I wasn’t sure how to put it into an interesting format for the future. I think I might start a new art journal for family stories too. Thanks for the inspiration guys.


  3. Simply beautiful! This is such a wonderful way of honoring ancestors. I put my research into stories/articles and post them on my blog. It’s so funny that I came across your post, because I bought a watercolor set a few weeks ago and have been thinking about what to paint. Your work has given me much needed inspiriation.
    Suggested Articles:
    Grand August Carnival | Jesse Binga
    A Scandal in the Family | Discovering Adelphia Binga
    Wonders by Women | Adelphia Binga
    Binga Row | Detroit Style Tenements | William & Adelphia Binga
    A Letter From The Front Line | WWI – Dr. H. Binga Dismond
    Geralydne Hodges-Dismond | Second Wife of H. Binga Dismond


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