Spread 004 – My Zen

Old personal illustrations, Acrylic Paints, various papers, pastels, ink

We all need more peaceful moments in our lives…and there are many ways to find it. I happened to find it here, in the pages of my journal. I decided to combine some of my old illustrations with personally meaningful imagery and personal photos, and all of the sudden it was there – my own personal zen space.

Where is your zen space? Share a link, I’d love to know.

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4 Responses to Spread 004 – My Zen

  1. apaperbear says:

    Oh I love this spread! All the purples! Very peaceful! Mine is in my journal as well and also in my backyard creating. In fact I am headed there now.


    • Rachel Urista says:

      Thank you! Being in nature, or even our own backyards, can be very inspiring! I know your yard is just gorgeous and lush. I hope you have had many a wonderful hours there, in the perfect place to create and play.


  2. Orly says:

    So beautiful..


    • Rachel Urista says:

      Thank you! You never know what you might discover when journaling as all the pieces come together.


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