Artfest 2012

I’m just now getting around to posting pics from Artfest back in March. It was amazing, incredible and so inspiring. It was also my very first Artfest, and sadly, the last one held. I am really grateful to have experienced it. Three solid days of art classes, seeing old friends and making new friends at Fort Worden in Port Townsend, WA. Below are a few images of the location. We were up on a hill overlooking the ocean, it was the end of March and oh so cold but the beauty drew us outside to explore.

I had amazing classes. Below are a few images from them.

Day 1: Vintage Village Color Books with  Lisa Bebe

Here are my pieces following her instructions. 🙂  So much fun to learn new ways of combining materials. We used printed photos, ink washes and paint. I think they came out pretty awesome!

Day 2:  Flexible, Stuffable Journals with LK Slattery Ludwig

After a very  process driven day before, the second day was pure messiness!! Paint splattering, stencils flying quickly between our hands, paper folding, needles stitching… it was a whirlwind of creativity! I never finished the complete book, but I did finish the canvas cover, and many many amazing painted papers. I had a blast.

Day 3: Obsession or Collection with Roxanne Padgett.

Awesome culmination of a lot of techniques. We made a small book, stitched up some inside pages, and even made our own beads to string onto the spine of the book. I almost finished, but not quite! I had brought many papers and images I had collected over the years and was able to mesh them all together!

Earlier that morning, I had met a few other ladies down at the beach to take a walk thorough the salty air before the days classes began. The shore was strewn with driftwood and rocks…one of the ladies sang “cockles, and muscles….” and the fog was just starting to lift, it was very peaceful. I didn’t have my camera, but I was able to save my ocean memories by working in sand, seaweed, and driftwood to the books pages.

I’ll end this with a few sketches I did when I got home. After a few days away from routine, it was hard not to daydream about the misty hills and warm cozy classrooms buzzing with creativity!

Happy Creating…Stay Inspired! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Artfest 2012

  1. Great images Rach, love the rustic and the mysterious. Great sketches…glad you posted them all finally…it was quite an experience, loved having you there, reconnecting with you…magical happenings. Can’t wait to do that again soon in Santa Cruz mountains, An Artful Journey.


  2. Hi Rachel! It was very fun to look at your photos and read your words-to relive the artfest magic. : ) It was great to meet you! I hope our paths cross again someday!


    1. Thank you Liesel! It was so nice to meet you at Artfest, what an amazing time it was. Happy to hear my post helped you re-live artfests magic, I sure did too when I posted it. Looking forward to meeting up with you again someday too! 🙂


  3. I am glad you’re posting this now, months later, and that I saw your mention of it on the yahoo group. It takes me back to such wonderful memories of the last Artfest. The work you did as shown in your photos is just beautiful!


    1. Hi lulu, thank you for viewing my post and your compliment. Yes, the photos bring back wonderful memories for me as well, I’m happy my pictures could do that for you.


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