Journal Spread: Messages Amidst Mess


Playing in the paint…dab, smear, splatter. Getting emotions out on paper, releasing the days stress. What first appears as a mess, sharpens. Images start to emerge. Narratives develop naturally. Messages surface, stop and reflect. Sometimes when emotions and life seem messy, there are messages for us to find within them.

4 thoughts on “Journal Spread: Messages Amidst Mess

  1. Oh RACHEL! This is so wonderful! Words escape me right now. I love the animals within animals. And below the deer creature I see a bear which warms my heart. It’s like he is being hugged by the dear. So touching.


    1. Brian, it tickles me that you see the bear in there and you also feel their power!! You know this spread started with a bear, which morphed into the Elk. So interesting what you see in it. Thank you for such a moving and affirming comment, it helps me continue to show my work to the world.


  2. I love this! I love your art in general but I am inspired by how the critters appear as if they were there all the time and you just found them with your paint.


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