Flashback Sale! 21 Secrets Online Classes

Super excited to announce 21 Secrets is having a 40% off “Flashback” sale starting this Friday, June 5 to Monday, June 8th so be sure to check it out! 

You won’t want to miss this great deal!!  Get your discount by visiting this link anytime during the sale.

 Fall Flashback PriceCombo Pack Flashback

In this e-course, you will have amazing access to a huge variety of art journaling techniques, processes, and methods from a team of diverse teachers, all from your home, at your own pace.  21 Secrets is a downloadable eBook with videos, full color photos and instruction from 21 different artists!

This is an INCREDIBLE amount of talent all gathered in one spot and a really unique opportunity to learn from so many unique and talented artists- all with different styles and approaches! Yours to keep and  return to at any time.



In my class, “Dream Voyages” we’ll cover the following: 

• Recreate dream like worlds with symbolism, color and textures

• Learn chai dye or tea dying to make vintage papers

• Create a celestial setting for your dreams to be expressed in your pages

• Work with images and symbols

• Work with stream of consciousness writing

• Create a mini scroll and attach in your book



2 thoughts on “Flashback Sale! 21 Secrets Online Classes

  1. Hi Rachel, I would love to attend another class, was wondering if you have any scheduled?

    Note: I attended the art journal class at Imagine (?) coffee house in philomath and then soul painting at love yoga in Albany. Both were great. Again thank you for the inspiration.

    Also, are any/all of the 21secrets online classes still available?

    I’m living in Portland and would drive down for a Saturday class… So, please let me know if you do one.

    Take care,


    1. Hi Robin! How are you? Thanks for your questions! I’m sending you an email with some info in it. I have something really exciting I’ll be announcing tomorrow that is along the lines of your questions… 🙂


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