And the Winner is…

Thank you so much for entering my first Instagram giveaway for “Foxx” original art piece!
The winner is!

But, as a thank you for participating in this event, I have prepared a little gift for you, check your email for a link to download a high resolution print of one of my newest paintings, “Signs of Spring”, like the ones I sell on my etsy site (a $20 value)!

Simply click the link, then click “Download” in the top right hand corner. You can print it out for art in your home (matte photo paper is nice choice!), save it as a screensaver, and/or share it with a friend!

This download ends Friday February 23rd so take advantage and treat yourself! 🙂

Be sure to follow me on instagram for the next giveaway at @rachel.urista. Thanks for playing!


Author: Rachel

My paintings and art journals are a combination of both traditional art techniques and mixed media explorations. I am primarily inspired by nature, pattern and abstract form. I am continually aiming to unearth my inner worlds, and find my work is on an exciting path of discovery. See more at

Would love to hear your thoughts!

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