Featuring fine yarn and fiber created in the Pacific Northwest.
110 SW 3rd Street, Corvallis, OR

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Be sure to check out my new paintings there too! I have 5 new large paintings and 18 mini paintings!  😀 Matted prints and Greeting cards available soon.


Sun River Pine Painting

“Three Sisters” and “LaPine Dancer ” Underpainting

Sharing a bit of my work in progress. I’m working on several mixed media paintings, inspired by the bountiful nature here in Oregon. Layering acrylics, papers and textured paints, a landscape is slowly created… below are a few images of the process. 
MePainting2 MePainting


Sketch for my Sun River Pine

Plein Air Painting: The Search for the River

A friend and I set out with a small pack of art supplies to find the river….


Down dirt roads, through grassy fields, and mazes of tangled trees, we walked… I gathered sticks and leaves and admired the beauty of mother natures colors.  Finally we got closer, and you can smell the dampness, and feel the undergrowth cool and thicken…

We parted ways and sat along the banks of the Willamette River, lost in the colors and textures and sounds of the rushing water.  I did a little watercolor painting and enjoyed the feeling of the earth below my feet….below are a few of the treasures from the day…