This Sunday: Multi-Artist Studio Clearance SALE




Clearing out my studio this week and getting ready for the Multi-Artist Studio Clearance Sale this Sunday, Jan 21, from 12-4. Help me make way for the new, and score some excellent deals!

  • Original paintings: most 50% OFF ($10-$450)

  • Prints up to 50% off ($7.50 to $45)

  • Artists Coloring books- EACH $5

  • Individual Coloring Pages- $1 each!

Click the circles to see details on each.


Map and Details:


In Print!

InTheAdvocateStackedInTheAdvocateInside This week, I am the featured artist in the Corvallis Advocate newspaper. It was pretty neat to see my work in print around town! It’s a fun little interview with some commentary on my work and a little background about me. I think they did a great job showing all my work! I sure wasn’t expecting the brightest of my work on the cover! 🙂 You can read the online interview by clicking here.

Screen shot 2013-06-06 at 6.48.07 PM

Oil Explorations

This post is a follow up to this one: Heading Back to the Studio

I enrolled in an oil painting class this past spring, and it has been great to get back into oil paints again.

Here are some of my pieces. They started out very methodical, as I was doing my best to follow instructions and see what I could learn. But by the second painting, a few weeks in… This is what took form, I just couldn’t paint neatly anymore!



Here is the final painting from the sessions. With this one I tried to do a combo of planing, pacing and also some free flowing loose stroked paintings.

On the easel…

and finished painting…

(click image to enlarge)

Since the class only met once a week, I didn’t do a mass amount of paintings, but rather stayed on one for a few months. Its a nice change from some of the faster work I do. I am signed up again and already started another large square oil of one of my favorite spots in Bend, Oregon. Will keep on posting as I make progress!

Lattes and Leaves

The Fall wind is carving through the valley, leaving its mark. Leaves are changing, florescent oranges are bursting forth. I find myself in quiet pause as I watch the leaves gently fall to the ground. Everywhere I look, new colors are emerging…yellows and purples, bright reds and deep golds, black branches run criss-crossed underneath… This is our second year in the pacific Northwest, fall colors and the changing weather still captures my imagination.

Here are a few sketches I did for fun, trying to capture that elusive feeling of fall. I will be using these as the basis for a few new larger paintings, so stay tuned! 😀

Happy Fall Everyone!



Newest Additions

8×8, Fiber Paste and Acrylic

8×8, Fiber Paste and Acrylic

And the last new pieces for the shop STASH are up! I really am having fun exploring these new mediums and playing with texture and color.

Here are some details from the pieces.

Cupcake Pan Palettes

I had great fun these past few weeks preparing new work for STASH in downtown Corvallis. Below are images of some of my processes. I found this old cupcake pan was the perfect palette for me.

I hope to have the final photos of the pieces up soon, but in the meantime, visit  STASH  and you can see them in person!