Color Splash: 01

I thought I would start a theme of posting an image a week based on color. Here is my first!

These are my lovely paint markers- I love POSCA brand, but also have several other brands like Molotow and Ironlak.

Hopefully this post, while short, ads color and happiness to your day.


It’s Finally Here! Color for Clarity Book

11910453_1654983188073983_341547557_nIts real and its beautiful!! …and its now available for purchase on Amazon!

You can also order it directly from me.  I’ll have a limited number of copies on hand available for purchase at my studio studio, starting next Wednesday.

I am so inspired by our collaborative effort, what you can do to make dreams come true. For about a year now I’ve been wanting to create a coloring book, so when I was asked to collaborate with 5 other super talented women, I jumped on board.

What resulted is even more beautiful and inspiring that I had imagined. Check out some images below of the inside pages.

Please share and/or use the hashtag #colorforclarity  so we can see all YOUR Beautiful coloring!


I LOVE these intricate lines and shapes, don’t you? One of the unique aspects of this particular coloring book are its use of merging words into the pages. The intent of this was so that we can meditate on positive words and provocative questions as we color and find ourselves in a calmer, more introspective place.  Read more about this here.

11353496_967547929958818_1303197076_nHow beautiful is this page? I want my copy NOW so I can take time off and dive in!  coloring

Hey that’s a page I drew above! How fun! …are you ready to join me?

Here is the Amazon link to order your copy!

~ ~ Thanks for your support! Happy coloring! ~~



Map Obsession • Art Journal Demo

InSearchFullSpreadUristaRI discovered a way to save and work with all those maps I keep and love.

Since I was small, I’ve loved maps…I would pour over an Atlas for hours, dreaming about foreign lands and how immense the world looked to me. It was one big adventure!!

Recently, my love for maps resurfaced and had a great time figuring out how to use them in my journal…here are a few “In progress” images below… Please excuse some of the blurry photos.


All those maps!! All those lines, colors and shapes. Patterns emerge, and retreat…What better use for them than in my journal?


Glued in, a few washes of paint and some ink splatters…. Layering and washes continue below…


When dry, I attached a note for myself and boxed out areas for writing.

MapsInProgress_boxes3 MapsInProgress_boxes


And thats it! Antique, modern and personal all at once! Hope this sparks some ideas for you and your journaling process.

Happy creating!

Palette LOVE! Site!

I wanted to share this amazing site I found:

Color is so important in making your vision come alive. I usually make swatches by hand, scratching out squares of color with colored pencils, and I still do! But the program makes it so instantaneous!

This site is great if you are trying to work out color combinations for your next project. It also spurs new color ideas very quickly with just the click of the mouse. I love it too, because you can save all your combinations for later inspiration.

Hope to see you on there! My screen name is rachieu, see you in ColorLovers land!

Re-use, Re-purpose Pastel Play

I used to play with pastels, no expectations of the outcome, just exploring colors and textures.  When I ran out of  paper, I started to use paper bags… the materials were not the most important thing, it was the action of exploring the art that was! Here are a few pieces from back in the day I recently found. I hope to do more soon, just to play!

Newest Additions

8×8, Fiber Paste and Acrylic

8×8, Fiber Paste and Acrylic

And the last new pieces for the shop STASH are up! I really am having fun exploring these new mediums and playing with texture and color.

Here are some details from the pieces.