Journeys • Mixed Media Paintings At Stash

Creating my art begins with an experience, emotion, and inspiration and travels onward from there. Layer upon layer, the destination comes closer until the journey is complete.

Below is a selection of my mixed media pieces now on display and for sale at Stash in Corvallis, Oregon. March to the end of April. For information on each piece, email me at or contact Stash in Corvallis.

JourneyToHeartOfMountain_RachelUristaJourney to the Heart of the Mountain, Mixed Media 24×36″ (3 Panels)

Tecolote_InProgressRachelUristaTecolote, 12×24, Mixed Media

LoveEvolution_RachelUristaArtLove Evolution, 12×12, Mixed Media

Retreat_RachelUrista12x12Retreat, 12×12, Mixed Media

CoastalReflectionsSeriesII_RachelUristaArtCoastal Reflections Series II, 12×12, Mixed Media

MountainSpeak_RachelUristaArtMountains Speak, 12×12, Mixed Media

Stand Tall_RachelUristaStand Tall, 12×48, Mixed Media

Heading Back to the Studio!

Just returned from a three day workshop retreat in Port Townsend, WA. Inspiration and gratitude in full force – more about that soon!

But first; another class tonight! I’ve enrolled in an Oil Painting class with the local community college, the first college course I’ve taken since graduating with my Illustration degree. I am thrilled beyond words to head back to the oil painting studio. Some of my favorite memories of college were the hours in the painting studios…the caked on layers of paint on the old thick rusty metal easels…the scent of turpentine and spirits…the soft glow of the spotlights on the model or still life in the darkened room. Concentration and imagination filled the air. Completely opposite of the florescent lit chair filled lecture rooms that filled the rest of my schedule. Yes, the studio classes were always my favorite retreats.

Below are a few of my favorite paintings from my early oil painting classes. I am ready to start today, learn more and keep the creative ball rolling!  Looking forward to sharing more of my work as the class progresses!

What are some of your favorite college classes? What moments do you crave and cherish from your school days?