Making Space

Everyone needs personal space. For creative types, we may sometimes need a little more  space…

Its been months since I had that space, since we’ve been packed and moved and now unpacking. It took about 4 hours, but I’ve made decent progress on creating my studio in our garage!

As I was sweeping, lifting, moving and shuffling furniture, boxes and the like, it occurred to me that I was doing more than just creating a physical art space- I was also creating mental space. With this space comes my commitment to carving out more creative time in my life, more contemplative, quite times for myself. Here in this garage, I hope to “check in” more often with myself, my intentions, my creativity and thus aid in my grounding, regrouping and revitalizing.


Here’s what I had to start with: 1/2 a one car garage, with no insulation 🙂 But I think I’m going to like it, and am so grateful for so much creative space!

Here are a few pics in progress.  I would not let go of the dusty roll of 6×9′ linoleum I’ve had since 2008. It went along with me on all four of my moves since – from across states to across town, and all around. Looking back it seems silly to tote around that roll for so long, but I bought it to create a small painting space at my first tiny apartment and kept that dream with me (along with the dusty linoleum!)

Now its finally in place!

(the linoleum!)

Here is the overall half of the garage by the end of the day…. it still needs more organizing, maybe some wall shelves, and more decorations but it’s a great start!

I placed my drafting table under the window for some illustration space…

On the far right is a small prep station that was in the garage when we got here. It has a few wall shelves and has re-purposed old kitchen cabinets and a section of the kitchen counter.

In the center I made an area for messy paint and my easel! So happy to see the easel out for good, not folded up and collecting cobwebs in the corner!

To the left of the easel is my large black desk; the perfect space for multiple small paintings and more detailed work.

I can’t wait to complete my work day tomorrow so I can retreat to this desk with a mug of hot tea and my paints! 😀

Here’s to making space!