Color Splash: 02

Fresh Paint 11″x17″ Acrylics and graphite on Bristol paper. Original and prints available

One of my paintings, acrylics and graphite on paper that I did this past summer.

In this one I was purely playing with color. Asking myself how do these colors interact? Do I like it, do I not like it? Do they clash, in a good way? I still feel energized by this piece each time I see it. Does it create any reaction in you?

Author: Rachel

My paintings and art journals are a combination of both traditional art techniques and mixed media explorations. I am primarily inspired by nature, pattern and abstract form. I am continually aiming to unearth my inner worlds, and find my work is on an exciting path of discovery. See more of my work at: Visit my studio in Downtown Corvallis 340 SW 2nd Street, Suite #12. Open most Artwalks (third Thursday of the month) And by Appointment.

Would love to hear your thoughts!

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