Color Splash: 02

Fresh Paint 11″x17″ Acrylics and graphite on Bristol paper. Original and prints available

One of my paintings, acrylics and graphite on paper that I did this past summer.

In this one I was purely playing with color. Asking myself how do these colors interact? Do I like it, do I not like it? Do they clash, in a good way? I still feel energized by this piece each time I see it. Does it create any reaction in you?

Color Splash: 01

I thought I would start a theme of posting an image a week based on color. Here is my first!

These are my lovely paint markers- I love POSCA brand, but also have several other brands like Molotow and Ironlak.

Hopefully this post, while short, ads color and happiness to your day.


SALE Items – Sneek Preview

Today I will be with artist Carrie Tasman at the Downtown Corvallis Association meeting room- 460 SW Madison Ave, Suite #19 for the Annual Studio Sale!

Below are some of my faves that I will have at the sale! I’ll have some original art, canvas prints (ready to hang!) and also art prints all for a super great price.
Of course, I will also have my coloring books, and individual pages on sale!

Check out my super crazy sale prices- for today only- from noon-4pm!

Clearance Art Sale

Join local Corvallis artists for the 2nd Annual
** Multi-Artist Studio CLEARANCE Sale! **

Corvallis local artists invite you to start the New Year by enjoying deep discounts as they clean out their studios and get ready for a NEW Year of art making! Everyone is welcome! Visit artist studios and pop-up locations throughout downtown Corvallis, as well as home studios. SPECIAL sale items include original art, reproductions, and art supplies. Bring a friend and have some fun while finding the best deals of the year!


My little Deer

Signs of Spring 8×8, Available

I’m posting one of my favorite paintings I made up as a reminder of Spring. Event though its dreary weather over here, this sweetie makes me think of blooming flowers and meadows…daydreaming for the sunshine! ⠀⠀⠀

Art Studio For Rent


Hey everyone, my lovely art studio in downtown Corvallis is now for rent!

If you are looking for a makers space, this place could be the one!

This is at 460 SW Madison Ave, in downtown Corvallis, across from Starbucks and above University Hero.

The details:

~230sq ft with an additional closet!

The space is ~8ft across and 13′ long. The closet is 5′ x 8ft’

Things I thought were pretty darn great:

  • A great creative energy by being around other like-minded folks!
  • Own door and privacy
  • Natural light from two windows!
  • Good amount of wall space for shelving or hanging art
  • Closet is perfect for setting up a computer and for extra storage
  • The front space of this suite is used as a small art gallery. We’ve had Pop up shows here and its worked great!
  • Utility sink in shared space for easy clean up
  • Big enough to potentially share with two artist

Cost is $250/mo, negotiable. Questions or comments? Please contact me at or leave me a comment.


Looking towards 5th street (west)


View from inside the space
Entering the storage area


The extra storage area 8ft x5ft


A view towards the shared gallery space


Illustrating the Redwoods


I’m excited to share with you a few details from the beginning stages of a commission I’ve since completed, of the magical and amazing California Redwoods.

My work for commissions always starts with research and questions, lots of questions and conversations with my clients.

After I get a sense of the project, I will make some preliminary sketches. Sometimes I do small drawings, like below, and sometimes, larger black and white studies to further understand the scale and composition.

What do you think? How do you as an artist, approach commissions? What  would you, as a client, think about this process?

Stay tuned, the next post will be the final piece!

The Art of Mock-Ups

I recently took a photo of my art on my kitchen wall- and it looked great in place! But it also got me thinking that seeing my work in context, is really powerful.

So, I’ve had some fun selecting rooms and working some photoshop magic of my art in place. By the way Photoshop is great for this and its really so much fun to make these.

I am in the process of building up my shop online and having mock ups I think is key. I personally love it when artists have these images and find Im more likely to buy their art. I believe this is because I get a preview of the color, scale and shape of the work in a way I can’t with just a flat image of the work itself.

What has your experience been with this? Do you work with Photoshop, or take pictures of your work in place?

I hope you enjoy! 

The Winner is….

Hello Everyone! 

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21 Secrets Course Relaunch and Giveaway time!

I am so pleased to be able to share with you today the RELAUNCH of 21 Secrets! and a special GIVEAWAY for two free seats in the class.

I was a teacher in 2014 and am honored to be included in this super talented bunch!

The special edition is a collection of 37 workshops from the Spring and Fall 2014 and 2015 editions to create a well-rounded, power-packed collection.  In this 21 SECRETS you will find instruction on everything from collage, gelli prints, transfers, how to face the blank page, tips on creating a daily creative habit, and much, much more!




•  37 workshops in a 150+ pages downloaded eBook.

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It is on sale now for $128 for 37 lessons- I have not found a better deal since. Really.

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In my class, you will learn how to dye papers to look richly colored and antique. We’ll then talk about dreams and symbols and how to work them into your journal. We go step by step to create a unique dreamscape, and add a handmade miniature scroll at the end.


I hope you will consider taking this course! It is packed with hours of inspiration for your journaling practice!

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21 SECRETS – The Best of 2014 & 2015 Instructor List

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Location location location

Back in September of 2017 I moved studios yet again! 😀 I had the opportunity to join up with Evil Eye Studios artists in Downtown Corvallis, on 5th Street.

I feel so lucky to join the talented artists in this studio and the space is great! We share a large space with a great little front room used for shows and displaying our work. Oh, not to mention a great gold retro couch.




We’ve already done a few Pop up shows and ArtWalks and its been great. I love working around other artists.  When I can hear the hustle and bustle it just puts me in the zone.

Here are a few images of my space below. I’ve had a lot of fun decorating it with my own art and some friends work too.


And the Winner is…

Thank you so much for entering my first Instagram giveaway for “Foxx” original art piece!
The winner is!

But, as a thank you for participating in this event, I have prepared a little gift for you, check your email for a link to download a high resolution print of one of my newest paintings, “Signs of Spring”, like the ones I sell on my etsy site (a $20 value)!

Simply click the link, then click “Download” in the top right hand corner. You can print it out for art in your home (matte photo paper is nice choice!), save it as a screensaver, and/or share it with a friend!

This download ends Friday February 23rd so take advantage and treat yourself! 🙂

Be sure to follow me on instagram for the next giveaway at @rachel.urista. Thanks for playing!