New Art, New Year!


Ah, my familiar tools! My lovely ink pen and deliciously colored pastels…back in my hands, as they have been early on in my artful journey. But this time experimenting with pastel and ink- together! Although the materials are so familiar to me I have never combined them in one piece. Here’s to new thoughts, new directions, and a new year!

I also can’t get enough of line work and patterns. Something about it is very soothing. Tracing lines from nature, defining space as I ink fine lines again and again. This way of working can become very meditative.

Wrapping up the first month of the new year with many projects going on! Stay tuned for more new art and events!

Have a wonderfully creative, artful journey this 2013!

4 thoughts on “New Art, New Year!

  1. Really love coming across your blog Rachel. I was looking for some ‘botanical’ examples and these are wonderful. Hope the New Year’s dive into art goes well. I am also hoping to really ‘branch out’ and try new things by drawing and painting like a mad thing this year. When my family starts complaining (no food in the house, no tidy spaces etc.) I will know I am succeeding.


    1. Thank you Chas! I am happy you have found my blog. Thanks for checking out my work. Its great to branch out and challenge ourselves. I love that you say you know you’re succeeding when your family starts complaining…I would say you were “in the zone” 🙂 Best wishes for your art journey as well!


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